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This will provide you with an indication of the price for the chosen cover. More information will then be required throughout the process if you decide to buy the cover including your personal details, details of the craft and users, and where the watercraft is kept and used and its use. It is important to answer all subsequent questions honestly and to disclose anything which may be material to our acceptance of the risk.

What is the market value of your watercraft?

What is the market value of your trailer?

What kind of cover would you like?

What is your postcode?

For claims made against you should you cause injury or damage to property What limit of indemnity do you need?

If you tow waterskiers or "toys" what limit of indemnity do you need?

Are you a member of the Royal Yachting Association?

Is your craft fitted with a Datatag?

When completing the next stages of this process in order to purchase a policy you have a duty of disclosure and must take care to answer all questions fully and accurately to the best of your reasonable knowledge.

It is your responsibility to take reasonable care and, when asked, to answer all questions fully and accurately to insurers and us prior to and when you purchase an insurance policy, throughout the life of the policy and when you renew that policy. Failure on your part to immediately disclose accurate information when asked or provide misleading information could result in your insurer imposing different terms on the policy, charging a higher premium, or in some circumstances may avoid the policy from inception and any claims would not be paid.

All statements and material facts disclosed should be full, true and accurate. Material facts are those that would influence an insurer in deciding whether or not to accept a risk and the terms and conditions that would apply. Where forms are completed or partially completed on your behalf, you should check them for accuracy before signing. If you are in any doubt as to whether a fact is relevant, you should disclose it and then ask for guidance.

Certain answers may mean that the online process cannot be completed. If that happens the matter will be automatically referred to us and we will contact you as soon as possible. Alternatively call us on 01724 855510. On some rare occasions we may not be able to offer cover but we will explain why.

RJP Marine offer policies from only one Insurance provider on a non-advised basis. The RJP Marine policy will meet the demands and needs of a jetski owner looking to insure their craft against Accidental Damage , Fire and Theft and/or against liability for Third Party claims against them arising out of the ownership of the craft and who is based in the UK , using the craft in the UK other than for holiday use in Europe for up to 30 days in any one year , for their own private and pleasure purposes.

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The price above includes Insurance Premium Tax of £0 and includes a policy administration fee of £15.

This quick quote shows the premium required to insure your craft for the cover selected based on the RJP Marine Personal Watercraft Policy terms and conditions.

You may change any of the answers already provided should you wish to see the cost of alternative cover.

You should read this Insurance Policy Information Document and/or the Policy Document to understand the cover, terms, conditions, exclusions and restrictions to ensure that it meets your requirements before considering taking out the cover.

Please note, you will need your Hull and Engine serial number and if applicable your Datatag Registration numbers in order to take out cover.

The premium may be paid in full by Debit Card. Or alternatively over 8 monthly instalments by entering in to a finance agreement with Premium Credit Limited.